• Mass Effect Andromeda: a version of test on Xbox One and PC

    The American editor Electronic Arts announces that the players on Xbox One and PC will be able to discover first planet of Mass Effect soon: Andromeda with a version of test via program EA Access and Origin Access.

    Whereas Mass Effect: Andromeda is expected for March 21st on PS4, Xbox One and PC, some lucky will be able to lay hands during a few hours on this new opus of the famous frankness from the studio from Montreal BioWare by the means of a version of test. Indeed, Electronic Arts being accustomed to propose to the players “previews” with EA Access and Origin Access, new Mass Effect will not escape the rule.

    If the date is not known yet, the players having a Xbox One or a PC with a subscription with EA Access or Origin Access will be able to freely discover graphics as well as new mechanics of gameplay of Mass Effect: Andromeda by exploring very first planet of the game with the main character Sarah or Scott Ryder (in homage has the first American woman to be gone in space, Sally Ride).

    The list of the trophies and successes of Mass Effect: Andromeda


    • The cream of Andromède: Obtain all the trophies.
    • Fireworks: Carry out 100 combos of powers.
    • Terminator: Kill 2,000 enemies.
    • The death come from the sky: Kill 100 enemies while being in hovering in solo mode.
    • Specialist in the close combat: Kill 100 enemies with attacks with the body-with-body.
    • Our combined powers: Explode 10 targets started by a teammate in solo mode.
    • Precise shooting: Touch 250 weak points of enemies by using glasses in solo mode.
    • A doctor! : Reanimate teammates 25 times.
    • Higher spirit: Use machines to kill 100 enemies.
    • Ice-breaker: Make burst a cold enemy with an attack jumped to the body-with-body in solo mode.
    • Strike! : Throw an enemy on another enemy 25 times in solo mode.
    • Brutal landing: Start a mine by throwing an enemy in solo mode there.
    • Friendly shooting: Order with your INTER-F reliquate to tackle each type of enemy remainder in solo mode.
    • Shooting-trap: Touch 25 floating enemies with percussif Shooting, Incision or Incineration in solo mode.
    • Underhand trick: Strike 25 floating enemies with an attack with the body-with-body in solo mode.
    • Expert in pyrotechnics: Set fire to 3 enemies with only one attacks continuous with the Flame thrower in solo mode.
    • Long jump: Traverse at least 30 m in only one jump in solo mode.
    • Intermediary: Conclude a love affair with three characters different on the unit from the parts.
    • Surprised avant-garde: Use Load on an enemy while being camouflaged in solo mode.
    • Planed flight: Make 35 seconds a planed flight with the Nomad.
    • Inflexible: Finish a part (solo Madness), or carry out 5 extractions in any base (multi Gold).
    • Veteran: Make a success of a cumulated total of 25 missions of group of attack or extractions of the APEX (multi).
    • APEX: Finish the mission of the teaching software of the multiplayer mode.
    • Explorer: Finish a cumulated total of 5 missions of group of attack or extractions of the APEX (multi).
    • Mission accomplished: Activate Méridiane.
    • Activation: Activate the city-relic.
    • Relations of family: Reset the Pionnier.
    • Release: Release the arch galarienne.
    • Head of bridge: Establish an outpost.
    • Exaltation: Destroy the complex of exaltation or save the prisoners will angara.
    • First steps: Meet Angara on Aya.
    • Alliance: Form an alliance with a faction of outlaw.
    • Pionnier: Become the new Pionnier.
    • Initiate: Reach the Storm.
    • Builder of worlds: Activate the first vault remainder.
    • Buccaneer: Recover the vessel of the colony krogane.
    • Diplomacy: Stop the chief of Roekaar.
    • Union: Link the outposts against a common threat.
    • Knack: Help the sister of Vétra.
    • Follow-up of the signal: Find the source of the mysterious signal discovered by Peebee.
    • Example to be followed: Help the arch asari.
    • Complete team: Recruit your 6 teammates in solo mode.
    • First contact: Land on a planet alien.
    • Optimal conditions: Reach level 40 in solo mode or level 20 in multiplayer mode.
    • Equipped: Kill an enemy with a weapon of row 5 (solo), or equip you with a weapon of row 10 (multi).
    • High efficiency: Free row 6 of each type of profile (solo), or obtain a stat no-claims bonus of level 6 (multi).
    • Maximum power: Make pass a power tech, a power of combat and a biotic power with row 6 in solo mode.
    • Last straight line: Reach level 25 in solo mode or level 15 in multiplayer mode.
    • Team work: Create 6 groups of attack or gain 25 medals of assistance in multiplayer mode.
    • Group of elite: Make pass a group of attack on level 20.
    • Meddler: Equip 3 different types of profile.
    • The way is free: Reach 100% of viability for all planets discovered.
    • Terraformator: Increase the viability of a planet discovered up to 100%.
    • Manufacturing: Manufacture an armour or a firearm with 3 improvements.
    • Datamining: Scan 100 different objects.
    • Cryptographer: Finish 20 headaches remainders in only one part.

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