• The SNCF launches out in the eSport with Team Loco

    The SNCF launches out in the eSport with Team Loco


    The SNCF launches out in the eSport with Team Loco

    A new approach has just come out in France, since the Voyages-sncf.com company launches out officially in the eSport. A baptized team “Team Loco” which is made up of seventeen players (and players), all collaborators of Voyages-sncf.com and the SNCF. 

    A team 100% collaborators

    It is official, Voyages-sncf.com launches out in the eSport with Team Loco: a team made up of seventeen players and players, some already semi-pros in the medium, others purely amateurs. The people in question will evolve on League of Legends, Overwatch and FIFA. Let us note from the start which the company invests within a team made up of 100% of collaborators.

    Indeed, the various representatives of the team exert trades within the company or of the SNCF even. These trades are varied and we can quote as example: person in charge SEO, engineer studies and development IT, developer, digital person in charge, ScrumMaster, control test, sales representative parks or conducting power trolley of it. So the members of the teams commit themselves investing themselves in the project during their time of leisure.

    François Bitouzet, Directing Communication and Brands of Voyages-sncf.com wished to express himself on this sudden investment on behalf of the leader of E-commerce French:

    “The e-sport and Voyages-sncf.com were made to meet: we are a company 100% digital, there is a true historical commitment of the SNCF in the sport and the public ones which are impassioned for the E-sport are in the middle of our activity and our recruitment. We are charmed of being able to do it in an original way by supporting our collaborators, in their giving the chance to go at the end of their passions while carrying the colors and the values of the company. This initiative illustrates significance which we attach to the personal and professional development of our teams, like with their cohesion, their emulation and their team spirit. 


    Gaming room where the players will evolve

    Ideal conditions to succeed

    Admittedly, the persons in charge of the project do not expect to see, as of the beginning, its players to have brilliant results. The emphasis is more placed on a development and a durable progression of the team. In any case, the conditions are optimal so that this Team Loco can carry out good performances.

    Here the various advantages to which the players and players will be able to claim:

    • Voyages-sncf.com places at the disposal a gaming room in Paris with all necessary equipment with the progression of the players.
    • The company deals with the expenses of competition (registrations, displacements…)
    • An ideal follow-up thanks to a coaching.

    You will be able to perhaps follow the performances of this new team at the time of Gamers Assembly and DreamHack.


    The video of presentation of the buildings dedicated to the eSport published by Voyages-sncf.com enables us to learn some more on this


    new team from the French scene eSport:

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